Conservation Management Services

Habitat & wildlife management planning

- Evaluation of resources
- Preparation of management plans
- Implementation guidelines
- Habitat monitoring

We specialise in the preparation of management guideline documents and environmental management plans for game ranches, nature reserves and other areas of natural habitat.

This planning involves the determination of the natural resources of the sites, the evaluation of habitat condition, the preparation of guidelines for the long-term management and conservation of the area and the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the site after implementation of the guidelines.

Our guideline documents are practical and typically include many of the following aspects:

• Habitat evaluation, vegetation maps and plant checklists.
• Evaluations of overgrazing, overbrowsing and soil erosion.



• The determination of suitable wildlife (game) species that are an ecological match for the available habitats.

• The estimation of a stocking rate and species mix that can be sustainably supported by the available habitats.

• Ecologically sensitive guidelines for water provision, parasite control, problem predator control and supplementary feeding.

• Designs for fencing, water provision, animal holding facilities, road building and maintenance and eco-tourism facilities.

• Guidelines for habitat rehabilitation and the control of alien plant infestations.

• Guidelines for game census and habitat condition monitoring.
• Guidelines for sensitive ecotourism management.
• The establishment of a long term habitat monitoring system.

Our guideline documents are detailed, but practical. They are liberally illustrated with maps, photographs and diagrams that illustrate each and every evaluation and prescription given. All of the content is based on our considerable experience with the development of a number of nature reserves and game ranches.

The evaluations and prescriptions of our guidelines are based on detailed fieldwork during which we endeavour to evaluate and record the characteristics and conditions in every habitat and landscape type, most of which is carried out on foot.

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