Conservation Management Services

Inventories, surveys, evaluations

- Botanical & habitat sensitivity
- Fauna census & inventory
- Habitat condition analysis

We function as vegetation and fauna specialists for environmental impact assessments and other environmental sensitivity evaluations. This speciality includes the determination of the importance of the landscape connectivity (corridors) requirements of the sites assessed.

We have a good working knowledge of the vegetation and fauna of most natural environments in the Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and the Free State and by our association with other specialists; we are able to complete fauna and vegetation inventories and impact assessments, to the required standards of the industry, in almost any Southern African environment.

To date, we have successfully completed biodiversity impact reports for a wide variety of development proposals including golf courses, residential developments, wind power generation projects, holiday resorts and infrastructural developments like pipelines, dams and roads.


We have successfully completed more than 200 biodiversity impact assessments, surveys and inventories.

In addition to biodiversity survey and impact assessment work, we also offer a habitat monitoring service.

This is particularly valuable to game ranchers who need to regularly evaluate the impact of their game on the habitat and particularly, the grazing and browsing resource.

We use practical techniques that are simple to evaluate once a long-term monitoring system is established. Our methods include fixed-point photography, veld condition assessment transects, exclosures and landscape function analysis (LFA).

We frequently carry out wildlife census surveys, using transect, known group and aerial survey techniques and we have been involved in the aerial evaluation of extensive areas of natural habitat as a preparation for game ranch development.

We offer a field auditing service for the evaluation of the progress made with the formal management plans of protected areas.

The same auditing service is useful for landowners to help them determine what their conservation management or production shortcomings may be on the protected area or game ranch.


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