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Landscape rehabilitation

- Evaluation of the degradation
- Treatment design
- Implementation & maintenance

The control of soil erosion as a first step to landscape rehabilitation is a particular speciality which lies very close to our hearts. We also concern ourselves with the increasingly poor and eroded condition of roads in the veld.

We have been involved in trial and error soil erosion control efforts for almost 30 years and have built up a considerable expertise and “feel” for the rehabilitation of degraded habitats.

Our objective is to provide landowners with practical and affordable methodology which has its foundation in the elimination of the cause of the degradation before any attempt is made to rehabilitate the degraded sites. Our methods can be implemented using unskilled labour and we make extensive use of biodegradable materials and recycled old fencing materials.

Our particular approach is to create the favourable conditions that the natural vegetation of the area needs to regain its former protective cover.


This we achieve by retarding the loss of rainfall runoff, capturing this runoff and increasing water infiltration into the soil. We pay particular attention to the re-establishment of a protective soil mulch (litter) cover and the rehydration of the aridified soil.

We advocate the use of locally indigenous plants for revegetation of the rehabilitation project areas and pay particular attention to the restoration of the soil micro-organisms that are necessary for soil health and plant wellbeing.

We also offer the services of a fully supervised and trained team of workers that have been employed to implement our rehabilitation methods. Thus far, our team has completed numerous projects in degraded parts of the Little and Great Karoo, working for the Ostrich Business Chamber, the Endangered Wildlife Trust and various private landowners.

With our hands-on approach and our trained worker team, we have been able to do on-the-job training for a number of unemployed people with the view to establishing them as a self-employed rehabilitation business. This is, however, a long term objective.

By means of our associates, we are able to provide the harvested seed of locally indigenous plants as well as nursery-grown plants for rehabilitation projects. (See Associates – Renu Karoo).


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