Conservation Management Services

Wildlife management

- Sourcing of animals
- Application for permits
- Supervise capture, transport, release
- Provide infrastructure

The recent boom in the game industry, the high risk and large capital investment involved with game introductions and general wildlife management has seen a considerable increase in the demand for specialized wildlife services and technical supervision. This has created an opportunity for our services to be incorporated not only in the reserve or game farm design and planning phase but right through to the practical implementation phase of the wildlife management programme.

We have over the last 13 years worked very closely with the conservation authorities in the Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Free-State. We have an intimate knowledge of the various translocation policies, permit systems and regulations applicable to the game industry in all the providences mentioned.

As a result of our continuous involvement within the wildlife industry, we have developed a reliable network of game capture outfitters, helicopter pilots, veterinarians and wildlife brokers that can be called upon to assist with any wildlife related challenge and to cater for a client’s specific needs.

We offer the following services to developing game and nature reserves, intensive and semi-intensive breeding operations, conservancies and government institutions:


• Application for permits in all the relevant provinces.

• Permit applications include import/export permits, TOPS permits, dangerous game applications, and extralimital applications.


Sourcing of animals

• We source suitable game, adapted for specific habitat and veld types and specialize in the Free-State and the area south of the Orange River.

• Our service also includes the sourcing of specific breeding animals for intensive and semi-intensive breeding operations and trophy hunting farms.

Supervision of the capture process, transport and release of animals.

• Here our main objective is to safeguard the interest of our client during the wildlife translocation process.

• We determine the species and number of animals to be captured, we appoint the capture outfitter, manage the capture process, supervise the transport of the animals and obtain short term insurance where required and finally we deliver the animals to the satisfaction of the client.


• We provide wildlife infrastructure, services and related products.

• We also supply wildlife related products such as customized game pellets, telemetry equipment and collars, dip applicators and feeding troughs.


• We can assist all landowners with the practical implementation of their wildlife management programme.

• We offer the services of a fully supervised and trained team of workers that can build automated electric gates, bomas, fence-off game camps, construct wildlife friendly waterholes and dismantle internal fences.

Our extensive experience with developing nature and game reserves, introducing game and managing wildlife on a day to day basis ensures that our clients are guaranteed positive results and excellent service.


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